Dodecaweave for all time

Cotton, handwoven on AVL Dobby loom

Weaving is a technically binary structure: a warp thread can be either raised or lowered. When drafted, woven structure is drawn as a binary grid. Woven in multiple layers, weaving maintains its inherent binary nature but takes on a new physical dimensionality. My work on this twelve-layer cloth investigates the the material possibility of something that is physically multi-layered and structurally binary.  There is an intangible material transformation that occurs between the flat draft and the woven cloth that resembles the nuance, radical variation, and possibility that emerges from the seemingly fixed and limited systems that order our lives.

Through woven layers, folds, and waves I ask how this transformative material could serve as metaphor for reconsidering other seemingly fixed social, political, and economic structures such as nationality, political systems, gender, and educational institutions. Can these works be models for creatively reimagining our presents and futures?

Twelve Layers, Thirteen Ways

Colored pencil and ink on graph paper


Paper, mat board, walnut